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Logo of Immagine & Poesia

The logo of IMMAGINE & POESIA was created by Gianpiero Actis and Lidia Chiarelli in 2007 when the Movement was launched at Alfa Theater, Turin Italy.
In the logo there are segments of bright colors (blue, green, yellow, red, white), colors that convey positive feelings: at the center is red, the color of vital energy.
The use of red helps to fight passive attitudes by awakening creativity.
The words IMMAGINE and POESIA are well balanced in the left and in the right section of the logo; a paperclip with the logogram & appears in the middle in order to point out the
Synergy  of Art and Poetry
with the creation of a whole that is greater than the simple sum of its parts.
The idea of the Movement started in 2006 in Torino (Italy) with the meeting of Aeronwy Thomas
 (, Lidia Chiarelli and Gianpiero Actis:
Aeronwy Thomas thought that        
 Poetry and figurative art could lead to moments of Cross Fertilization
 a few months later  they wrote the MANIFESTO of the MOVEMENT (IMAGE & POETRY) and on November 9 2007 IMMAGINE & POESIA was officially launched.